A Multi-modal Approach to Improving Communication Among Healthcare Providers

Tool: The TeamSTEPPS tool is the foundation of this multi-modal project being implemented to enhance communication. FOCUS-PDCA is the tool that is being used to develop, implement, and monitor actions to improve communications.

Problem: As literature reveals, communication mishaps remain one of the top root causes of sentinel events and errors. In addition, across our organization, communication mishaps are evident as root causes analyses and other intense analyses are completed. A focus on ‘back-to-the-basics’ is a focus as we come out of this pandemic.

Tool Selection: The TeamSTEPPS techniques have been proven to be reliable and valid. The techniques have been proven to enhance communication across disciplines and individuals as well as strategically improve patient outcomes.

Usage: Our organization systematically implemented a strategy to provide education on the different modules regarding communication techniques. In addition the education, ‘practice sessions’ were arranged for staff to drop in and test out the techniques and participate in activities that assist in enhancing communication as we move out of the pandemic.

Results: We are currently in the middle of our data measurements. Our ultimate outcome is to decrease the number of adverse outcomes at the organization. For those events that occur, we anticipate to that communication issues, whether written or verbal, will be identified as a root cause of the event.

Manager, Quality and Patient Safety
Manager, Quality and Patient Safety – Northside Hospital / Quality Improvement

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