A Perfected Survey Response Strategy in a Post-Pandemic World

Survey Preparedness and Response Collaboration Notebook – OneNote

Surveys are stressful and can spiral out of control quickly, especially when expectations and processes continually change to adjust for social distancing, virtual demands, and other needs. Surveys have optimal outcomes when a facility is prepared, organized, and efficiently responds to survey day demands.

Tool Selection:
OneNote had the ability to replicate and document all physical, in-person processes that took place in a room formerly used for survey response processes and needs. The application was already loaded on all staff computers and allowed central access, regardless of location, with granted permissions to the designated notebook.

All items formerly, physically present in the survey coordination room were transposed into OneNote. Resources, information, and tabs were organized prior to survey. Staff needed for survey response tasks were given access to the designated notebook. All response staff simultaneously used the notebook to collaborate response activities when surveyors arrived.

The use of the tool was extremely effective. It resulted in very low stress/ anxiety, improved communication, instant access to information, improved responsiveness to survey demands, and overall less survey findings. It allowed for extreme flexibility and staff who used it praised the efficiency. There were no barriers to success.

Manager of Accreditation
Manager of Accreditation – Alaska Native Medical Center

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