Accounting to Accountability: Unlocking the Cost and Quality Equation in Healthcare

Among the many competencies required of the healthcare quality professional is the ability to communicate effectively with different audiences across the healthcare organization.  This endeavor can sometimes lead us into unfamiliar territory, particularly in the discipline of finance i.e., cost accounting, cost modeling, and analysis. The science of assigning and accounting for costs may seem at odds with the complexity of safeguarding quality and accountability, but the two are inextricably linked as the move to value-based care becomes more prevalent. Healthcare organizations assume greater risk for the financial outcomes of the populations they serve based on the quality of care they deliver. It is the value equation so often cited but rarely quantified. It is imperative that quality professional and finance leaders gain a mutual understanding of their interdependent roles and the outcomes they can achieve.  This session will bring cost accounting to life in a way that is easily understood, non-intimidating, and highly relatable for the quality professional.

Vice President, Strategic Partners
Vice President, Strategic Partners – Syntellis Performance Solutions

Speaker Type: 60 Minute Session On-Demand

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