Combining Leader Rounds with Alignment Boards to increase engagement and success

Tool: Alignment Boards, Executive Leader Rounds

Problem: Employee engagement has become very difficult as staffing shortages increase. Staff do not always have time to participate in meetings. Getting their input, identifying barriers to success, and ensuring they understand the current status has become increasingly more difficult. A new way to engage staff real time was needed.

Tool Selection: This was a very transparent and efficient way to allow staff to engage with leaders at all levels and understand current methodologies for improvement. In addition, it allows staff to  easily see and understand the current status of performance.

Usage: The Patient Safety, Quality and Performance Excellence departments met with all leaders to develop the standardized boards. A standardized board was created in the hallway of all departments. A standardized schedule and process was created for Executives/Leader Rounding. Scripting was created and rounds occurred weekly at alignment boards including staff.

Results: 83% of departments participated  in 100% of rounds. The five departments which didn’t always participate, participated in 33-67% of rounds. 100% of rounds were completed in the one hour timeframe (three departments per hour). 95% of alignment boards were always up-to-date.

Senior Director
Senior Director – Sibley Memorial Hospital (Hopkins)

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