COPD Patient Education and Readmission

Tool: Lean/Six Sigma tools were used including 8 wastes, process mapping, fishbone diagram, data collection plan, root cause hypothesis, solution selection matrix, monitoring and response plans.

Problem: There is inconsistent education throughout the institution. Individualized plans of care centered around self care, disease management, medication therapy for the patient is ill-defined.

Tool Selection: Each tool helped to define the problem, measure current processes, analyze processes, improve the situation, and control the improvement.

Usage: As a Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt, the tools were used to breakdown the current process and rebuild a more robust succinct approach to educating the COPD patient population.

Results: The outcome is a multidisciplinary approach to COPD education that includes RN, RT, and pharmacy. Keep processes included implementation of an identification/alert system of the patient population, order set construction, define roles of education by each discipline.

Barriers: Included COVID focus, onboarding, and IT enhancements.

Performance Improvement Coordinator
Performance Improvement Coordinator – North Kansas City Hospital

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