COVID-19 Vaccine Program: An Ambulatory Care Perspective

Tool: Our interdisciplinary team utilized one of our performance improvement tools – the ColumbiaDoctors project charter; to assist us with the safe distribution of COVID-19 vaccines within our multi-specialty faculty practices located in New York City and surrounding suburbs.

Problem: More than two years after the initial cases of COVID-19 were first identified, the global pandemic still rages on. According to the World Health Organization, six million people have died and another 456 million have been infected by this lethal and highly contagious virus.

Tool Selection: The advent of the COVID-19 vaccines under emergency use authorization, ushered in an urgency amongst healthcare organizations to provide these products to every eligible individual. The ColumbiaDoctors project charter is a refined tool that provided structure to our team in addressing the complexities of safe vaccine storage, handling and administration.

Usage: The ColumbiaDoctors Project Charter guided our interdisciplinary team towards an evidence-based performance improvement (PI) process; all in a one-page format that included:

  • Key stakeholders
  • Problem background and statement
  • Specific, measurable, realistic and time bound (SMART) goals
  • PI essentials (champion, collaboration, model, tool and analysis)

Results: After one year, our 13 vaccination sites have safely stored, handled and administered approximately 22,230 COVID-19 vaccines. The adoption of an effective performance improvement tool in an outlined format used throughout the cycle of the vaccine program, not only promoted accountability but was also crucial in standardizing practices.

Director, Quality Improvement and Regulatory Compliance
Director, Quality Improvement and Regulatory Compliance – ColumbiaDoctors

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