How We Sustain Our Improvement For Our Patient Safety Initiatives

Tool: Redesigning the Kaiser Permanente HEROES (Hospital and ED Reliability and Operational Excellence for Safety) Program to support sustainability of patient safety improvements.

Problem: After 10 years of successful QI improvements, HEROES needed to transition to a model that would support the capacity of the 21 medical centers in our system to sustain and improve upon these successes as well as identify and solve for new opportunities.

Tool Selection: The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) released two white papers which, between them, outlined methodology and principles for creating sustainable systems for hospital patient safety and QI that addressed the structural, procedural and human centered aspects of doing large scale change work such as this redesign required.

Usage: A charter was developed to guide the formation of HEROES frontline workgroups at every hospital which the regional HEROES program provides with bundled best practices, actionable data, and expert clinical and quality improvement consulting to support the prevention of hospital associated infections, pneumonia, pressure injuries, and falls.

Results: Medical centers showing the greatest adherence to the recommended performance improvement and accountability structures outlined in the charter are currently meeting their safety performance targets at a notably higher rate than those which have been slow to make these changes.

Regional Director, Infection Prevention
Regional Director, Infection Prevention - Kaiser Permanente

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Clinical Practice Consultant
Clinical Practice Consultant - HEROES Program

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