Impact of Integration of Pharmacists into Psychiatry Primary Care Teams

Problem: According to preliminary data, it was observed that the number of psychiatry-related interventions done by pharmacists in Ambulatory Healthcare Services (AHS) clinics and the level of education provided by AHS pharmacists to patients on psychotropic medications is not up to standards.

Measurement: Reports pulled from the system, patient, pharmacists, and physicians surveys fish bone diagram.

Analysis: Simple Microsoft Excel tools were used.

Implementation: A multidisciplinary team was created to make changes (pharmacist training, document review, system upgrades, workflow modifications) that can improve psychotropic medication therapy management and improve patient education. Main obstacles were to get necessary management approvals and convince clinical analysts of the benefits of system changes.

Results/Discussion: Clinical interventions in the four pilot clinics increased by a total average of 46% and there was a noticeable improvement in patient responses regarding their education and counselling  after the pilot phase. Following the FOCUS-PDCA process has helped ensure the project stays on track. Large-scale implementation is the next step.

Pharmacist and Project Lead
Hospital Physician – Syracuse VA Medical Center

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