Leading Practices from Departments with High Patient Safety Culture Psychological Safety Scores

Veterans Health Administration (VHA) All Employee Survey (AES) Patient Safety Culture (PSC) Psychological Safety/Moral Courage Dimension Scores, Secondary analysis of departments with high scores, and Qualitative Conventional Content Analysis of Department Chiefs/Supervisors narratives from high scoring departments.
What are the leading practices of managers and teams in the departments who received high scores from the 2020 and 2021 Patient Safety Culture Survey – Psychological Safety/Moral Courage Dimension? High scores were defined as scores 3.5 and above, reference of 1.0 (Strongly Disagree) to 5.0 Strongly Agree Likert Scale.
Tool Selection:
Methodology: Narratives. Qualitative, Conventional Content Analysis of responses to this question – “What practices (if any) did you initiate/engage in to promote psychological safety in your workplace? Review of the narrative responses allowed for a deeper dive and understanding of the characteristics of leaders and teams in higher scoring departments/units.
Shared practices from high scoring departments with lower scoring departments by direct feedback/email and invite to the patient safety champions monthly meeting for review and discussion. Results shared with facility senior leaders/executives during the Director’s morning huddle meeting and unit-based leadership. Patient Safety facilitated discussions for identified opportunities for improvement.
There were no significant differences for overall facility Scores from 2020 (M=3.46, SD=0.80) compared to 2021 (M=3.41, SD=0.80) for the Psychological Safety/Moral Courage PSC Dimension. However, departments who scored higher increased by 35% compared to the previous year. Leadership commitment was critical. The facility Medical Center Director championed this activity.
Chief, Patient Safety and Risk Management
Chief, Patient Safety and Risk Management – South Texas Veterans Health Care System

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