Marvelous Quality Improvement and MD Engagement to Decrease Post-Op DVT and PE

Tool: MD Service Line’s DVT / PE Prevention Library – an online library of DVT and PE prevention practices specific to each service line. The tool has the preop, intraop, and postop prophylaxis, together with contraindications are created by each specific MD service lines and divisions.

Problem: Decrease the postoperative DVT and PE cases among surgical patients.

Tool Selection: To hold our physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs) accountable of their own practice. Each service line comes up with their own practice for their patient population and gets uploaded to this library, which is also used to score MD peer review cases on DVTs and PEs.

Usage: The tool is currently on a SharePoint site where all clinicians can access to check their own practice or see other service line practices. When there is a provider’s peer review case, this library is used to check if they followed their own clinical practice guidelines.

Results: There is 33% decrease of PSI-12’s Postop DVT and PE cases attributed to the organization. There are several academic journals shared among our surgeons to ensure quality patient outcomes for our surgical and transplant patients. MDs and APPs are holding themselves accountable. Actions plans are created for any fallouts.

Quality and Outcomes Manager
Quality and Outcomes Manager – Keck Medicine of USC

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