Perinatal Safety Nurse Coordinator: Improving Maternal Outcomes Through System-Level Care Standardization

Tool: ROI was used in creation for the perinatal safety nurse coordinator position. The perinatal safety nurse used her experience gained as a registered nurse and a certified nurse midwife to initiate change. Comparison Charts were used as tool for establishing the beginning work to improve postpartum hemorrhage rates and care.

Problem: Healthcare systems are tasked with increasing perinatal quality improvement and data reporting programs from rising maternal morbidity and mortality. Analyzing their data and structural organization Henry Ford Health System realized change needed to be made systemwide for it to be impactful. And a Perinatal Safety Nurse Coordinator position was created.

Tool Selection: Comparison charts were used to identify practices at five Henry ford health system locations. This tool was the best choice to ensure all Henry Ford sites could analyzed easily side by side to find best practices and where changes needed to be made to standardize maternal care across the system.

Usage: Using data analysis, comparison charts with national standard requirements and site visits with the nursing and physician staff  at all five hospitals in the system gaps in care were identified.

Results: The creation of a systemwide perinatal safety nurse coordinator role, continuing Henry Ford Health System’s journey as a High Reliability Organization with the goal of zero harm to patients. Creating meaningful initiatives and practice improvements to improve care during a maternal hemorrhage by increasing education and creating systemwide practice changes.

Perinatal Safety Nurse Coordinator
Perinatal Safety Nurse Coordinator – Henry Ford Health System

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