Routine Audits to Increase Use of a Pressure Injury Prevention Orderset

Tool: Weekly audits

Problem: After a series of hospital acquired pressure injuries, a pressure Injury Prevention Orderset was developed, however utilization remained low.

Tool Selection: We chose to audit weekly and report out at a nurse leader meeting in order to track and trend. Doing it with this frequency also allowed the teams to react to the data and order the best practice interventions for patients while they were still admitted.

Usage: Weekly, a never of the quality team would run an epic report to sit that all documented pressure injuries also had an accompanying order for interventions. Unit leaders were emailed the findings the same day.

Results: Within a month, the team saw an increase in use of the pressure Injury Prevention Orderset. This use has continued to stay high even after the initial auditing frequency was decreased.

Director - Virginia Hospital Center

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