Work in Action: Creating ROI and Aligning Payment Models to High Quality Care

If you keep doing things the same way, you will keep getting the same results. The factors that influence how organizations and providers deliver healthcare are no exception to that rule. We are at a pivotal moment in healthcare where we need to rethink payment models and their alignment to quality efforts in order to create change. Payment models need to reward high quality care. Hear from Dr. Shital Tanna on how her organization has made strides in relating payment models to their quality efforts, some of the struggles they’ve experienced, how they’ve prevailed, how they measure their results and the plan to sustain their improvements.

Regional Medical Director for Population Health at Advocate Health

Speaker Type: Virtual Live

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Senior Vice President, Organizational Workforce Solutions at NAHQ
Senior Vice President, Organizational Workforce Solutions – NAHQ

Speaker Type: Moderator, Virtual Live

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