Health Data Analytics

Surgical Quality Data: Transforming Data for Meaningful Quality Improvement
Vital Signs: Using Data Integration to Identify Hidden Indicators of Obstetrical Sepsis
Centralizing a Nurse-sensitive Scorecard to Transform Decision-making Within a Safety Net System
Improving Data Integrity Through Waitlist Reconciliation
Healthcare cannot improve without making quality and safety the number one priority. Yet, healthcare organizations continue to struggle with aligning the quality business case and their mission. Challenges such as too many priorities, data limitations, financial pressures, translating quality into measurable ROI, and culture act as barriers. This session will arm you with the tools and methods you need to overcome those barriers so you can present with confidence to leaders, peers, or even the C-suite, as to how you and your teams’ efforts are creating ROI for the organization. Leave this session with a template to build quality as a business case.  
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