Optimizing Utilization and Accessibility of Trauma Interventions for Adolescents in Primary Care
We recognize that recent years have only shined a light on social determinants of health, but how can we prepare and organize the workforce to solve them? Those working in quality and safety are uniquely qualified because they understand quality tools. This session will show you how to develop a plan of action, mobilize cross functional teams, decide what quality tools to use when, and build methods for sustaining success, in order address and impact social determinants of health in the populations you serve.  
Organizations are building the infrastructure to offer care at home, but there are many different methods to approaching it, various success factors, and many challenges to successful deployment. This session will explore one organization's success with its hospital at home program. Quality experts will dive deeper into how they set it up, what competencies and training were most important to staffing this new program, how they build up employee and patient engagement, what results they have experienced thus far, and how they plan to sustain. 
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