Aneesh Chopra, MPP

Aneesh Chopra, MPP

Co-Founder and President – CareJourney

Aneesh Chopra is the President of CareJourney, an open data and analytics platform delivering a trusted, transparent ratings system  for physicians, networks, facilities and markets anchored on value-based cost and outcomes measures. He served as the first U.S. CTO and authored “Innovative State: How New Technologies Can Transform Government.”

He serves on the Boards of the Health Care Cost Institute, Virginia Center for Health Innovation, IntegraConnect, UpStream Care, and Chairs the George Mason Innovation Advisory Council. He earned his MPP from Harvard Kennedy School and BA from The Johns Hopkins University.

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September 11, 2023
Healthcare recognizes that digital transformation is essential to improving care, yet we struggle with prioritizing and implementing it in our organizations. We’ve spent years and billions of dollars and incentives from Medicare and Medicaid to create a digital foundation in healthcare delivery, but it is not optimized. Quality measures are highly reliant on administrative data creating a barrier to success. How do we transition to thinking about digital first to improve outcomes, decrease costs and improve patient experience? This session will discuss what is possible in the near-term and what role your organization can play to realize the vision of next generation measures leveraging digitally sourced data.