Moving the Culture of Patient Safety Needle, Despite Challenges of the Pandemic

COVID-19 has provided unique challenges to healthcare. Nonetheless, sustaining a positive culture of patient safety remained an organizational-wide priority. To improve our culture of patient safety based on findings from the 2021 AHRQ Culture of Safety survey, we implemented a multi-faceted approach. We increased the frequency and distribution of Executive Patient Safety Rounds across the system. Significant resources for the training of staff were allocated. Formalizing mid-shift standardized safety huddles for all units was implemented. Finally, a peer-to-peer Safety Coach program was developed and implemented, expanding across the entire system. Positive actions are reinforced through our Good Catch recognition program.

Tool: AHRQ Culture of Patient Safety – Hospital 2.0 and Medical Staff office. We utilized these tools in 2021 and are currently repeating the survey in March 2023

Problem: When we completed the system-wide survey in 2021, we identified three primary areas to address system-wide. We have been diligently working on these strategies over the past two years. Focusing on management support, staff knowledge and willingness to speak up and report, and engaging in peer support are the priorities

Tool Selection: The AHRQ Culture of Patient Safety is a nationally recognized tool that can be used to benchmark against our previous data as well as similar organizations. We have been able to apply safety principles and methods over the past two years in anticipation of the resurvey process during 2023

Usage: The tool was used systematically to identify patterns and trends. Each department and service line completed its own analysis and subsequent action plans. Quality and clinical leadership conducted a system-wide analysis and implemented action plans for addressing three specific themes. Collaborative activities have been completed in anticipation of the resurvey

Results: Our action plans were successfully implemented. Quality education and training were critical to our success. We completed targeted education as shown in the attached sample. In addition, education and activities were implemented during National Patient Safety Week, Healthcare Quality Week, Timeout Day, as well as Mental Health Month

Director of Accreditation and Patient Safety at Northside Hospital
Director of Accreditation and Patient Safety – Northside Hospital

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