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Review of the process to create a dashboard (work ongoing) identifying which readmission-reducing countermeasures are available and in use at which hospital sites in the Cleveland Clinic system, and delineating the effectiveness of each countermeasure at reducing readmissions. Patients are compared against their risk of readmission score, as well as comparing patients against the population who would be eligible for the countermeasure, patients referred but who chose not to participate, and patients who participated in the countermeasure program. We have results from some programs already, and we are in the process of adding additional programs.

Tool: Readmission Intervention Dashboard


1. What readmission-reducing countermeasures or interventions are available to patients at each of our 19 hospital sites?

2. At what rate/volume are these countermeasures being used at each hospital site?

3. How effective is each readmission countermeasure at reducing readmissions for included patients?

Tool Selection: Creating a dashboard using the Tableau system enabled us to access data from disparate sources across our organization (including the electronic medical record). The dashboard allows us to track usage and impact in a transparent and ongoing way

Usage: The tool was used to identify and disseminate the effectiveness of readmission-reducing countermeasures or interventions across the organization. It has led to the ongoing implementation of some programs, and to the reframing of other programs away from discussions about readmission reduction

Results: Our organization chose to focus our readmission reduction work on post-discharge follow-up appointments, amending our reporting structures to focus on this countermeasure, this step was taken in response to learning that this countermeasure is the most effective of our readmission reduction interventions

Quality Improvement Specialist at Cleveland Clinic
Quality Improvement Specialist – Cleveland Clinic

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