Integrated wellness services demonstrate value. The in-house counselor consistently has clinic slots booked. Providers benefit from having convenient, easy-to-schedule, confidential access to a licensed counselor who understands the complexity of practicing emergency medicine, is able to meet their fast-paced lifestyle,...
The challenges of the American Health System is impacting the sustainability of organizations and resulting in individuals feeling burnout. This presentation will discuss the drivers of burnout and reorient the focus on driving well-being, joy and flourishing. Specific strategies will...
NAHQ is moving the needle on healthcare. Hear from NAHQ volunteer leadership about NAHQ’s success this past year, where we are headed as an organization and profession and how together we will make an even bigger impact.
NAHQ leads the shift from quality as compliance to quality as a driver of excellence. Hear from NAHQ’s esteemed Board of Directors on how NAHQ is leading the way for the healthcare quality profession and professional. NAHQ continues to pave the road for leading with quality to make a difference in healthcare and this session will discuss our commitment and road map to do it. Takeaways will include how to engage yourself and your team in NAHQ’s vision for the future.
Chaunté Lowe is the story of determination, perseverance, and strength. Not only is Lowe a mother of three, a wife, and a business owner; she is also a professional athlete, an American Record Holder, a 4-time Olympian, a 3-Time World Championship medalist, and 12 times US National Champion. Her story of resilience was truly put to the test when decided to train for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics while undergoing chemotherapy and a double mastectomy for breast cancer. This session will inspire you to leave NAHQ Next with a restored strength to continue on your own journey, personally and professionally.
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