Relationship Between Repeated Reimbursement Penalties and Hospital Total Quality Scores
NAHQ data shows that 41% of those responding to the NAHQ  Professional Assessment do not consider themselves responsible for integrating ethical standards into healthcare quality practice. This statistic is unexpected considering professionals who work in quality and safety have a responsibility to report and share data, even if it does not reflect their organization’s best work. In an environment where executive compensation is tied to things like Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade scores, those working in quality and safety are often faced with ethical dilemmas of which they may not even be fully aware.  Leapfrog CEO Leah Binder will discuss with Bleed Out Director Stephen Burrows how his family was impacted by the effects of medical malpractice. Using this story as a driving force the session will focus on the importance of transparency and integrating ethical standards into care. The session will also feature NAHQ’s Code of Ethics as a solid foundation for those working in quality to use as an anchor. 
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