Laura Selway, MSN, PCNS-BC, RNC-NIC

Laura Selway, MSN, PCNS-BC, RNC-NIC

NICU CNS – Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

Laura Selway has been a NICU nurse for 18 years, with six years as the unit-based CNS. Her time is focused on quality improvement efforts for the NICU population including CLABSI prevention, unplanned extubation initiatives, and unique resuscitation needs for chronic complex patients. She enjoys teaching NICU curriculum to orientees and participating in policy development.

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Since implementation, the percent of babies actively cooled on transport and arriving to the NICU with a temperature <33°C has decreased from 21.15% in 2021 to 11.32% in 2022. The standardization of rectal temperature monitoring and documentation was essential to...