Linnea Gingerich, MSN, RN

Linnea Gingerich, MSN, RN

Clinical Quality Specialist – UCHealth

Linnea Gingerich is uniquely qualified to present to the NAHQ audience because they see every patient as someone else’s loved one with an unwavering true north and passion to consistently deliver safe quality patient outcomes. Lifelong learning and growth are essential to impact and advance healthcare as we maintain and improve the bar of excellence together. They are committed to sharing and expanding my quality improvement toolbox and relationships. They are a clinical quality specialist RN within the acute care quality area with 11 years of experience. Their multidisciplinary Fall with Injury Prevention Project team utilized the define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC) process improvement framework. Their quality team keeps patients at the center of all we do, passionately dring quality patient outcomes as change agents. Their quality team utilized project management skills and launched multiple standard Collaborative Case Reviews to learn how to improve care for the next patient and or improve interpersonal effectiveness. Both projects have relevant clinical, project management, process improvement, and a culture of non-punitive prioritized patient safety shared learnings that other frontline clinicians, leaders, and process improvement partners could redeploy or learn from.

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The fall with-injury rate decreased to 0.31/1,000 patient days or an 80% reduction, a 60% increase in reported near misses or assisted falls, and a new 93-day record without an injurious fall. Patients are safer today because of the collaborative...