HRO RADIO – A Tool For Culture Spread

We will show how a radio show format using the Microsoft Teams platform can be used to spread culture change. We will share the joy and sorrow of broadcast with our standard work and the challenges we had along the way.

Tool: HRO RADIO on Microsoft TEAMS platform

Problem: Our two largest markets have begun an ‘HRO Rollout’ at Kaiser Permanente. The senior vice president of quality, safety, and experience at the corporate office asked us to help staff become part of High Reliability through inclusive, psychologically safe, educative, and engaging meetings.

Tool Selection: We styled this after ‘Radio Free Europe’ where the message of HRO could be broadcast to those who had never heard of it, using Microsoft Teams.

Usage: We used Microsoft Teams to hold a monthly meeting styled as a radio show, with guests and music. Each episode introduced a concept from the world of high reliability. We interviewed staff that were supporting that concept with a particular program, then tying it back to the 5 HRO principles.

Results: In 9 sessions we reached over 700 unique listeners with a total attendance of more than 1600 staff. We had a 15% average post-episode survey response rate with 91% of respondents reporting, “Yes, I’ve come away with something usable in my work.”

Senior Principal Consultant at Kaiser Permanente
Senior Principal Consultant - Kaiser Permanente

Speaker Type: HQ Best Practice Tools On-Demand

QSI Consultant VI, National HRO Consultation & Facilitation at Kaiser Permanente Program Office
QSI Consultant VI, National HRO Consultation & Facilitation - Kaiser Permanente Program Office

Speaker Type: HQ Best Practice Tools On-Demand

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