Measuring Committees Effectiveness: A Scoring System to Evaluate Committees

The scoring system helped the respective committee members and the Medical Strategic Teams to define the set criterions for defining an effective committee. It helped in the areas to concentrate on to improve effectiveness of the committee. The compliance percentage to the committees also encouraged the Committees meet desired score. Committees play an important role in the functioning of Hospitals. Committees bring together members from different departments to communicate and collaborate. It promotes a sense of sharing expertise and knowledge with each other. They play an important role for recommending decisions related to policies, procedures, and quality improvement initiatives. It is important that the framework for effective functioning of the committees should be defined, the set agendas met with, the action taken followed up in a timely manner and most importantly feedback received from the members on the key difference made by each of the functional committees in a hospital.

Problem: The committees, their scope, roles and responsibilities, members of the committee were defined, however the effectiveness was not measured. This led to identification of the problem, what is not measured cannot be improved. Hence there was a need to identify a simple tool to measure the effectiveness of the committees.

Measurement: Communication of committee’s discussion points not effective. Quorum maintenance not carried out every time

Material: Standardized Minutes format not defined.Measure:Score for Committee Timeliness, Agenda & minutes upload Score for Essential Quorum & completion action from previous minutes

Method: Method of scoring a committee effectiveness was not defined

Analysis: PDSA Cycle was used for the study. What started as a simple excel sheet which was tracking the history of the committees with dates of meetings held, was subject to improvisation

Implementation: The team identified the need to effectively monitor the timeliness, quorum, essential agenda items, minutes sharing and closures on action to be taken. A scoring system was incorporated for each. The scoring system was welcomed by the chairpersons and the convenors and believed this will enhance governance of the committees

Head of Quality at Fortis Healthcare Ltd. Chennai
Head of Quality – Fortis Healthcare Ltd. Chennai

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