MH RRTP – IMPROVING THE ADMISSION PROCESS: Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW)

Patient satisfaction regarding the admissions process increased from 3.8/5 to 4.5/5 (Excellent) or higher for each of the four months reviewed. The Lean RPIW process was critical for success. Team meets regularly to discuss improvements. Also, all new patients complete a survey at the end of the admission process. Using Lean Process Improvement tools for a new admission process to improve patient satisfaction for the Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program (MH RRTP) was designed and successfully implemented. The MH RRTP is located on the campus of the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System and is a 24-hour, 289-bed residential facility that treats veterans. Offerings include treatment for various mental health concerns, including trauma, serious mental illness, and substance abuse, as well as addressing vocational and housing needs. The process improvement team was comprised of multiple disciplines and a current patient.

Problem: In the MH RRTP patients expressed dissatisfaction with the admission process. A patient satisfaction survey conducted with 107 patients resulted in a score of 3.8 out of 5 (1 Poor to 5 Excellent). Less than excellent rating results in patient dissatisfaction and increased staff complaints

Measurement: Patient Satisfaction Survey; Gemba Walks; Spaghetti Diagrams (6); Process Cycle Efficiency (PCE) scores

Analysis: Average patient satisfaction scores were calculated. From the Gemba walks that produced the Spaghetti Diagrams, a PCE score was calculated. Value Added Time/Lead Time x 100 = PCE

Implementation: As a result of the RPIW a new admission process was implemented. Obstacles to developing the new process included attempts to skip to the end of the Lean process and scope creep. Techniques used to address these issues were continuous refocusing and having a ‘Parking Lot’ for future ideas.

Chief, MH Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program at Veterans Health Administration
Chief, MH Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program – Veterans Health Administration

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