QI Curators: Building Tailored Scorecards to Foster Engagement and Drive Improvement

Access to healthcare quality data continues to expand, presenting opportunities for new insights and creating significant new challenges. Busy clinicians and leaders can get lost in an overwhelming amount of nuanced data. Atrium Health’s Musculoskeletal Institute tailors scorecards so matrixed groups stay focused on the highest priority information. Since the implementation of these tools, Atrium Health has seen improvement in multiple measures, including readmissions and opioid stewardship. This session will outline steps leaders can implement to curate streamlined quality scorecards. Participants will leave with guiding frameworks for prioritization, refinement, and implementation of scorecards to support the quality improvement efforts of diverse teams.

Tool: Tailored quality scorecards

Problem: Leaders and clinicians have access to exponentially increasing amounts of quality data. We found our teams could spend significant amounts of time trying to understand and utilize complex data sources and metrics. We tailor scorecards for specific audiences so they can consistently focus on the highest priority quality performance information

Tool Selection: Customized scorecards provide teams with the right information, in the right format, at the right cadence so they can devote their time to utilizing the data to create solutions that positively impact outcomes. This tactic ensures matrixed groups stay focused on the most important updates relevant to their unique scope

Usage: Atrium Health’s Musculoskeletal Institute relies on a core team to tailor scorecards for specific audiences. The team compiles information from a range of data sources, leaning on various internal experts and tools. Consolidating information in tailored scorecards improves end-user experience and ability to translate directional data into strategic plans

Results: Outcomes include meeting targets for readmissions and opioid stewardship, as well as improved access to performance data for physicians across the Charlotte market. Keys to success include measure prioritization, analyst support, and leadership champions. Narrowing to critical information and maximizing ease of access stand out as key challenges

Project Manager at Atrium Health
Project Manager – Atrium Health

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Outcomes Specialist at Atrium Health
Outcomes Specialist – Atrium Health

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