Restructuring Nurse Leaders to Improve Outcomes: A New Approach to Quality Work

Aligning CNSs with the Quality Department enhanced access to outcome data and collaboration on nurse-sensitive indicators, including healthcare-acquired conditions. Indicators of success include 100% of CNSs utilizing improvement science methodology, up from 38%. Additionally, quality nurse leader-led projects applying these tools increased 367% from 6 to 28 across the enterprise. Learn about Children’s Health of Orange County’s (CHOC) journey to provide nurse leaders with organizational structure and education in improvement science methodology to lead quality improvement across the enterprise. A must-attend for leaders looking to synergistically harness the power of nursing and improvement science methodology.

Problem: This project aimed to optimize the Quality Department structure by integrating the clinical nurse specialists (CNS) as nurse leaders to standardize work and enculturate improvement science methodology across the enterprise

Measurement: A storyboard following facility-specific QI methodology adapted from the IHI Model for Improvement guided the project. Tools used included charter, stakeholder analysis/communication plan, the voice of the customer, fishbone diagram, driver diagram, pdsa cycles, and sustainability plan. Qualitative and quantitative measures were monitored

Analysis: We monitored: the number of CNSs completing formal improvement science training, the number of CNSs utilizing improvement science methodology for projects, the number of outcome improvement aimed committees (ie. HACs) with a quality nurse co-leading the group, and the number of quality nurse led improvement projects in progress enterprise-wide

Implementation: CNSs promote quality improvement, cost-effective outcomes, and lead systemwide changes, however, there is significant variability across organizations in reporting relationships. We implemented a reporting relationship based on a shared vision of improvement science, creating an opportunity to integrate CNS work into the Quality Department, enculturating improvement science methodology enterprise-wide.

Director of Clinical Quality at CHOC Children's Hospital
Director of Clinical Quality – CHOC Children's Hospital

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Manager of Clinical Quality at CHOC Children's Hospital
Manager of Clinical Quality – CHOC Children's Hospital

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