Deborah Bulger, CPHQ

Deborah Bulger, CPHQ

VP, Strategic Sales Programs, Syntellis Performance Solutions

Deb Bulger is vice president of strategic sales programs at Syntellis Performance Solutions. As a healthcare professional for over 35 years, her
career began as a medical technologist and she has held various hospital leadership roles including director of quality and medical staff services.
As a quality consultant for MediQual Systems, Inc. she participated in state and local clinical performance improvement projects at healthcare
systems, employer organizations, and business coalitions, and later served as vice president of product management for McKesson Provider
Technologies. She has been a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) since 1986, an active member of NAHQ and a frequent
NAHQ Next presenter. Deb was a member of the NAHQ Competencies Commission and co-led the HQ Essentials Quality Review and
Accountability competencies development. In 2022, she authored the Quality Review and Accountability section of HQ Solutions, fifth edition.

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