Improving Coordination with Quality Improvement Through Creation of a Virtual Quality Board

Healthcare is ever-changing, with new evidence and practices constantly coming out that highlight the need to change practice through quality improvement initiatives. Many projects can be going on at once, leading to miscommunication, a breakdown in reporting project progress, and a decrease in quality improvement methodology and oversight. The goal of the board is to ensure all projects align with the initiatives and focuses of the unit and organization. The board guides all project leads through the quality improvement process, including gathering key stakeholders, approval by leaders to support the project, the Plan Do Study Act cycle, metric review, and sustainability.

Tool: Virtual Quality Improvement Board (that integrates the IHI process for Improvement into the steps and components of quality improvement)

Problem: Many projects are often going on at once in the healthcare setting, leading to miscommunication, breakdown in reporting project progress, and a decrease in quality improvement methodology and oversight. Often, staff work in silos, which causes duplication of work and effort, so a project board helps to align all together

Tool Selection: Using a virtual quality board allows for easy accessibility for all staff to view, especially leadership teams. Integrating aspects of all steps in the QI process within the virtual board allows QI methodology to be followed throughout the project process

Usage: The tool is managed by the quality manager who helps with all project oversight, as well as data collection. The Chairs of all committees report back on the progress of their projects within a leadership meeting as to where they are along the PDSA cycle and the barriers they are encountering

Results: The NICU has found great success with the board, as it helps align priorities with the unit to ensure projects match up with the hospital and unit’s initiatives. It has streamlined the process for reporting out, allowing oversight of leadership to know the status of projects, and goals for sustainability

NICU Quality Program Manager at Children's Health Dallas
NICU Quality Program Manager – Children's Health Dallas

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