Peer Review Best Practices: Getting the Most Out of Practitioner Review Activities

The purpose of peer review is to improve quality and patient safety, so it is evident that when assessing how to make strides in quality, we also evaluate peer review. Two experts in quality will walk through an example that examines how to determine the performance criteria, measures, benchmarks and data needed to support practitioner review activities. They’ll also discuss relationship building between administration and clinical staff, communication to break down silos, how to create efficiencies because of the changing landscape, and how to analyze data appropriately.

Executive Director at Cedars Sinai Health
Executive Director - Cedars Sinai Health

Speaker Type: Virtual Live

Anesthesiologist at Hospital for Special Surgery
Anesthesiologist – Hospital for Special Surgery

Speaker Type: Virtual Live

Vice President, Quality and Safety at Lifespan
Vice President, Quality and Safety - Lifespan

Speaker Type: Moderator, Virtual Live

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