Deborah Stowie, MA, LLC

Deborah Stowie, MA, LLC

Independent Wellness Consultant – Emergency Care Specialists

Stowie is a licensed clinical mental health counselor in the state of Michigan, and the Owner of Roots of Hope Counseling and Consultation. A counseling and consultation company born out of the desire to assist medical providers with their wellness. She served in the ED as Nurse Tech for 11 years, which kindled a desire to provide custom wellness solutions for medical providers. Stowie is the independent wellness consultant for Emergency Care Specialists, a Physician owned private practice company, specializing in Acute Care Medicine. Together, they are collaborating to support and encourage a robust wellness program for staff at ECS.

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Integrated wellness services demonstrate value. The in-house counselor consistently has clinic slots booked. Providers benefit from having convenient, easy-to-schedule, confidential access to a licensed counselor who understands the complexity of practicing emergency medicine, is able to meet their fast-paced lifestyle,...