Early Mobilization in Post-Operative Orthopedics: Improving Quality Outcomes while Decreasing Length of Stay

According to the US Census Bureau, baby boomers have remained the second-largest population group in 2022, comprised of 69.6 million people ages 58 to 76. The fastest-growing population is people aged 80 and older, with a growth rate almost four times that for the total population. The American Academy of Orthopedics reports that over 1 million total knee and total hip replacements are performed each year and at least 300,000 people will suffer a hip fracture each year in the United States. Our performance initiative illustrates that a multi-disciplinary team can increase early and frequent mobilization. This multi-disciplinary team allowed us to identify weaknesses, negotiate obstacles and prioritize opportunities in order to drive improvement forward. Early mobilization as a component of a higher quality of clinical care lead to improved patient outcomes, operational efficiencies and patient satisfaction.

Orthopedic Program Administrator at Norman Regional Health System
Orthopedic Program Administrator – Norman Regional Health System

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