Embracing Generational Diversity in Today’s Work Environment

For the first time, four and even five generations are working together in and across teams. As people work and live longer, organizations should expect to continue to have multiple generations at work.

This session will highlight the significance of understanding diverse generational values for a more inclusive and productive workplace. It will explore how each generation’s unique perspectives on work, identity, and work/life balance impact collaboration, offering insights into effective teamwork across different age groups.  

You will learn how to:     

  • Expand your understanding and appreciation of different generations to create a more inclusive and productive workplace. 
  • Acknowledge each generation’s distinctive values and outlooks, shaped by significant socio-political, economic, and technological advances with implications for motivation, feedback, and retention strategies. 
  • Discover strategies to implement to work with five unique generations successfully. 
  • Expand beyond work styles and uncover how your lived experiences influence how things impact you. 
Chief Executive Officer at Kathryn Landis Consulting
Chief Executive Officer - Kathryn Landis Consulting

Speaker Type: Virtual Live

Board President at National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ)
Board President - National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ)

Speaker Type: Moderator, Virtual Live

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