Work in Action: Rural Healthcare Defying the Odds

Millions of Americans live in rural communities where their access to essential healthcare services is limited. And data shows that these rural populations have poorer health, creating an even larger need for the already limited services. Meanwhile, rural healthcare is under siege and many organizations are closing, creating an even larger challenge. This session will discuss how quality and safety leaders are rising to the occasion and stretching limited resources to drive outcomes to serve rural communities. As we all face resource shortages in today’s environment, this session will provide actionable takeaways regardless of your organization’s size and geographical location.

Chief Executive Officer at National Rural Health Association
Chief Executive Officer – National Rural Health Association

Speaker Type: Virtual Live

Vice President of Quality at UK King's Daughters
Vice President of Quality – UK King's Daughters

Speaker Type: Virtual Live

Vice President, Quality and Safety at Lifespan
Vice President, Quality and Safety - Lifespan

Speaker Type: Moderator, Virtual Live

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